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Thailand Child Protection and Development Centre, Pattaya



Construction of the education facility, covered sports area and shower block is almost complete. Funded largely by Hong Kong brokerage and investment group, CLSA, and the Kennedy Family Foundation, the centre has been built on 4.3 acres of land just outside Pattays that ADMCF purchased last year.

It is expected that children will be able to start using the facility in December, once the entire project is complete.

The centre was built to provide a stable home for CPDC, which exists to  support the estimated 2,000 slum and street children who transit Pattaya each year looking for work.

Sadly, too many of these children end up caught in the city’s burgeoning sex tourism business. CPDC aims to change that, providing the children with protection and options. The Swiss and German embassies in Bangkok provided funding to build houses for CPDC children and youth.

Six homes also  have now been constructed on the site and are home to an initial 45 kids. The plan is for an additional two houses to be built on the site over the next two years

The CPDC has developed quickly since its inception in 2008 with funds and strategic support provided by ADMCF. Working in partnership with HHN, which provides managerial and administrative support, CPDC has strengthened its capacity to offer a safe environment to street-living and other vulnerable children.

CPDC is the only organization offering long-term support to street children in the community. The organization offers a structured, supportive environment, education, skills, training, healthcare, recreational activities and nutrition. Reintegration with families is also a goal.

Since last year, Ja, who runs the centre, has succeeded in providing housing, education and access to training for 141 children, many of whom have been reintegrated into families or referred to long-term shelters. CPDC social workers meet another 160 children daily in the streets where the youth live and work. CPDC is also working in Pattaya’s slums, providing educational support to the children there.



The new education block will allow Pattaya’s slum children to participate in CPDC activitries and thus greatly expand the universe of beneficiaries.

The long-term focus of ADMCF involvement in the project is development of the education and vocational training-related activities for the 800+ children living in the 17 slums of Pattaya.

In early July, a drop-in centre for street-living and working children associated with CPDC opened its doors in central Pattaya. Funded by the US State Department, the centre is located near where street children congregate. The purpose is to provide a refuge that will also help them access services and the main centres.


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