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Children At Risk
India Money and More: ADMCF in India
ADM Capital Foundation's approach to philanthropy in India and, indeed, elsewhere has been to provide our local partners with financial support and more. We have worked hard with several organisations to help them address need where others were absent, widen their impact and make sure that there are real results from ADMCF and investing partner donations. ADMCF's Children at Risk programme manger for India, Uma Subramanian, writes about two of these organisations: Nari Gunjan, which provides access to education and protection for dalit Musahar girls in Bihar state, and a new initiative she has worked to help create, Aarambh, a network of organisations working against child sex exploitation. Read More
Hong Kong Cutting Out the Waste
Christina Dean, founder and CEO of Hong Kong-based sustainable fashion initiative, Redress, says that when she steps into a clothes shop, the beautiful bodies, bright lights and brilliant music do not mask the fashion industry‚Äôs underlying bad odour. Where others see alluring trends at affordable prices, she sees devastating waste at astronomical cost. Christina writes that fashion is a resource-intensive, polluting and wasteful industry, with seven billion global consumers driving apparel to its current trailer-trash price point and junk-quality addiction, where buying a dress is like buying a Big Mac, minus the calories and cardiac attack. Read More
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