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Children At Risk
Mumbai, India Breaking the Silence Around Child Sexual Abuse
There are no real estimates of the magnitude of child sexual abuse in India. In 2007, however, the Government of India produced a first-ever national study on child abuse that showed 53% of children surveyed had been sexually abused. The report methodology was limited and the numbers were simply indicative but the survey also found very few cases of sexual abuse were being reported and even when they were, there was no proper system for child protection and appropriate intervention. ADMCF is building, along with partners, an initiative to draw attention to the challenges around the reporting child sex abuse in India, the official response and treatment of victims. ADMCF's Uma Subramanian writes from Mumbai.  Read More
Hong Kong Expanding ADMCF Marine Conservation Beyond Sharks
For those of you who have read the Foundation’s newsletters over the years, you will know that since 2007 our marine conservation work has focused on supporting efforts to reduce shark fin consumption in Hong Kong. The fin trade is recognized as driving the dramatic decline in shark populations, which as apex predators are fundamental to the stability of the marine ecosystem. This support has involved working with international and local NGOs on research as well as implementing public and corporate campaigns to raise awareness and reduce consumption. More recently, we have turned to policy. But Hong Kong’s role in the fin trade is just the tip of the iceberg. Our city's impact on marine biodiversity goes far beyond sharks. Thus, ADMCF is looking to expand its marine conservation portfolio beyond these important taxa and also beyond Hong Kong.
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