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Children At Risk
Mae Sot, Thailand Education for the Burmese Migrant Community
Living in the environs of Mae Sot, located 6 kms from the Burmese border, are an estimated 50,000 children of refugees from Burma, 80 percent with no access to schools. Many of these are children from the Mon, Karen and Shan minority groups fleeing decades of political, economic and military oppression at home. These migrant border populations are largely forgotten, subject to harassment. Estimates are that about 2 million Burmese have migrated to Thailand since 1988. Ashoka fellow Naw Paw Ray through her Burmese Migrant Worker’s Education Committee works hard to get refugee children into schooling. Read More
Siem Reap, Cambodia Angkor Hospital for Children Looks to Develop New Pediatric Heart Centre
In Cambodia there are limited surgical resources for those children needing operative repair for congenital heart disease, despite great need. For some, the Phnom Penh Cardiac Center in the capital offers an option but most patients cannot afford to pay the steep cost. The Angkor Hospital for Children currently monitors over 1000 children with various heart defects and diagnoses new cases every few weeks, highlighting the enormous need for the continued development of heart surgery services. Read More
Hong Kong Our Oceans Face a Critical Challenge
ADMCF has built its marine program around shark finning as an area where we see we can leverage our own resources to create impact. Before we stepped into this issue four years ago, there was not a lot of discussion on the topic. We have worked to build and supplement that discussion and ultimately turn it to action. The marine picture is fairly bleak with huge environmental impacts and fisheries’ collapse imminent if we carry on with business as usual. Not to mention the more immediate demise of certain fish species such as sharks, blue fin tuna, orange roughy and chilean sea bass. Read More
Hong Kong Campaign Against Shark Finning Building
The campaign against the consumption of and trade in shark-fin products is gathering strength in Hong Kong and internationally. Globally, shark populations are in rapid decline as a result of overfishing. In some regions, populations have fallen by as much as 90%. While there are no accurate estimates as to the contribution of shark finning to the global shark trade, this much we know: Each year tens of millions of sharks are killed to satisfy the appetite for shark-fin related products worldwide - a situation that is driving many species toward extinction. Read More
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