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Children At Risk
Piduguralla, India Vocational Training for Migrant Youth
A vocational training centre built by ADMCF for Indian partner, ASSIST, in Piduguralla, Andhra Pradesh opened in mid-August and is already close to capacity, with 100 youth aged 16-25 enrolled in three skills programmes and 30 girls in residence. ASSIST is a community development and education organisation working with migrants from other Indian regions seeking jobs in the local limestone industry. The organisation works with 31 local communities that together amount to 21,000 people to make sure children are educated rather than employed while parents work. The new training centre will ensure those teens who for whatever reason can't move on to senior school will receive skills training to keep them out of the low-paid,low-skill and dangerous jobs on offer in the limestone industry. Read More
Hong Kong ADMCF Launches China Water Risk Web Portal for Investors and Companies
A looming liquidity crunch in China could affect trillions of RMB worth of economic output and spill over into the financial markets. This liquidity crunch doesn’t involve capital, but a commodity no economy or country can function without – water. Yet many investors and companies may not be paying attention to these liquidity constraints brought about by China’s water crisis. ADMCF recently launched China Water Risk, an innovative information portal that aims to highlight and address these complex and interlinked issues by framing these risks clearly and by industrial sector. CWR's targeted portal picks up the work of Asia Water Project, ADMCF's pilot website launched a year ago. Read More
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