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Children At Risk
Thai-Burmese Border Educating Burmese Migrant Children in Thailand
Thailand shares a 2,401 km border with Burma and consequently is host to a steady flow of displaced people fleeing Burma’s brutal military dictatorship. Over six decades, Burma’s leaders have engaged in ruthless war against its ethnic minorities and caused immense deprivation for the country’s entire population through oppression, corruption and mismanagement. ADMCF believes that helping migrant children gain access to education means a vital safety net is put in place. The opportunity to learn, play and interact equips them with knowledge and skills to identify their options and make informed choices about their futures. Read More
Hong Kong Gaining Traction in the Race to Protect Sharks
For the past five years, ADMCF has worked with conservation groups to generate research, awareness and behavioral change related to the consumption of shark fin soup, which is considered a delicacy in Hong Kong and is served primarily at weddings and official banquets. There seems to be some misperception, however, that this is a single-species issue among ADMCF initiatives that generally are much broader in tone. Yet there are at least 507 species of sharks and, as apex predators, they are critical to the health of our oceans as well as our commercial fisheries. The initiatives in Hong Kong against consumption of shark fin soup that ADMCF supports have much more to do with protecting our oceans, which are in significant decline. Read More
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